Wednesday, November 23, 2011

why do I write?

Writing has almost always been a part of my life. I have had notebooks laying around everywhere, in my room, on the floor, in the bathroom, anywhere I could think of, there was a notebook. I write for many different reasons.

I believe my love of writing was passed down to me through my family. When I would go to visit my grandmother, on my mom's side, I would find index cards sitting around her house. They would have short poems or songs written on them in my grandmother's clean and clear handwriting. My mom also writes here and there. Poems, letters, and emails giving updates to family, all written out thoughtfully. I did not realize this family gene until two or so years ago.

My writing has been the best way that I express myself. Outside of my family I am reserved and quite introverted. But most people make the mistake of that meaning I have nothing to say. I have plenty to say, but I can never seem to say it the way I want. I turned to writing. My pieces let me show who I am and my thoughts to others. This is also why I started this blog, to let others know that I am not the quiet girl they think I am.

The characters I create become my friends. As I give them their flaws, weaknesses, strengths and morals, a bond is created. I know them completely; I in turn feel open with them. With my characters I do not have to be self-concious or reserved. They understand me better than anyone else.

Words are magical to me. If I work hard and choose well, the words I write reflect exactly what I want to say. Words have many meanings and differences. I love weaving words together to create the fabric of a story. I am a weaver of words and it's a beautiful craft.