Thursday, October 3, 2013

Photo Fiction: Invisible

{ Photo Fiction: a short story or flash fiction piece inspired by one photo }

Source: Unknown


     It was there that she felt the safest, at the table tucked into the corner of the cafe. She sits and looks out of the cool, thin glass of the front window separating her from the people walking by.  Couples holding hands, children laughing, complete strangers sharing an umbrella in the pouring rain, she sees it all.
     Sometimes she wishes she could be out there with the others. She wishes that someone would hold her hand, share an umbrella, make her laugh. But she has been hurt too many times. She's believed too many lies, cared for too many people who didn't return her feelings.  She has come out of her shell only to be poked, prodded and unappreciated. So she stays safe, hidden behind the window.
     If only one person, just one, would look at her and really see her. If only someone would reach out and touch her hand, even if just to show her that she's not invisible.