Friday, August 17, 2012

the traveler - a poem

:: Today's post is a never-before published poem written in January 2011. It's a rhyming poem... for the most part at least. I hope you have enjoyed these special posts while I've been away on vacation. I'll be posting about vacation early next week. Enjoy!
Source: unknown

Does a traveler know where his path will lead?
Or what adventures await him?
How does he know where he is going?
Why did he sign the traveler's creed?

Down the lonely road he walks,
Sometimes without a friend.
Any wounds he may suffer,
The true king will help mend.

 The Bible is a powerful thing,
To the traveler a double-edged sword.
With faith, those who believe, can move mountains,
And receive strength from the Lord.

Some days the traveler may fight dragons,
And later eat a feast.
Be surrounded by leaders of wealth,
But find true joy in the least.

He may be captured by evil,
To be held in the darkness.
But a glimmer of the Lord's hope shines,
So the traveler takes up his sword of knowledge.

And slices through the enemy's lies,
Leaving the evil ones behind him screaming.
Not looking back, he focuses on the King,
Back to his path, the traveler flies.

Now we know where he is going,
Letting other's join his journey.
To the Kingdom of the One True King,
That is where he is going.

To hear the King say his name,
To say he is at his journey's end, his traveling days are gone.
The King says, "Well done, good and faithful servant.
You're battle has been won!"

So the traveler walks on, to the kingdom, that is where,
With the Lord as his guide and the Bible as a sword.
With his faith as a map, to the kingdom it leads,
He will get there.

He will be received with laughter and happiness,
The sound of angels singing, seeing old friends and making new.
In the shadow of the One True King,
He thrives in Heaven's Lore.

At his journey's end, he will travel no more.

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