Monday, May 25, 2015

just go for it

Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly relearning the same things, over and over and over again. It’s almost a daily mantra that I have to tell myself, that nothing is going to happen if I just sit in the corner and wait.

  • I didn’t get a job because I waited for one, I had to go out and apply for it.
  • I can’t just apply to transfer in the Fall, I have to do all the necessary steps, even if those steps make me uncomfortable, like getting a student loan and getting medical information squared away.
  • I can’t expect a conversation when that person doesn’t even know I want to talk with them.

I’ve been stuck in this mindset that “Good things come to those who wait”. I’m not saying that it doesn’t apply in some areas, but for the most part, I have to remind myself to just go for it. That can be the toughest concept to wrap my mind around. I think I get so caught up in the “what ifs” and the “maybe’s” that I never take action. But then I remember the times that I finally did something I'd been thinking of for a long time, and the results turned out so much better than I imagined.

It’s true, a lot of good things can happen without me even trying, but I can’t expect that all of the time. Sometimes it’s my responsibility to make the first step, it doesn’t have to be huge but maybe, just maybe it’ll be enough and lead to something more.

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