Thursday, April 19, 2012

introducing pebbles

Pebbles the Platypus
Born April 18, 2012

     Not many people know that the platypus is my favorite animal. I guess some of the problem is that the platypus doesn't have much in the way of merchandise. It's very difficult to find platypus apparel, jewelry or stuffed animals. Of course, now thanks to Etsy, it's easier to find more things platypus.
     But last year sometime I ran across a sewing pattern for a stuffed platypus. I knew that I wanted to make it eventually so I saved the pattern and it's been sitting in my drawer since. This week I've had the sewing machine out and have been working on different sewing projects in the afternoons. I remembered the long forgotten platypus pattern and decided to try it. I had already picked out the fabric I would use. All I had to do was start.
     It took me awhile to get the pattern pieces to the size I wanted. If I would had left the pattern pieces alone, Pebbles would have been a bit small. I wanted her to be a good, cuddly size. So I spent fifteen minutes or so on Paint, cropping and resizing the pattern.
     All together I'd say I spent about 3-4 hours on her, including sizing the pattern, cutting out the fabric, pinning, sewing and stuffing. Pebbles came out to be 20 inches long, from tail to bill, and 15 inches across from tip to tip of her front feet.
     I haven't given her eyes yet, but I think she looks pretty good. It's nice to finally have a stuffed version of my favorite animal.

The pattern I used can be found here.

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