Friday, April 27, 2012

my thoughts on Avatar

     Actually it would take a really long time for me to go into all the different aspects of Avatar but I want to focus on one main point that I think is important. To start off with, I really liked the movie, it was beautiful, emotional and thought provoking. I appreciated the love of nature the Na'vi expressed and how they supported each other.
     It's kind of funny that some people didn't like it because of the violence, isn't that what most people want in a good movie nowadays? Personally, I didn't think it was an overdone amount of violence. Now, the amount of language, that's a different story. Good thing I bought the special edition and it has a family friendly version.
     I understand how people might have a problem with the language, the suggested Pantheism, or maybe just how unrealistic it is, but I draw the line when I hear someone say, "It's just another movie that makes humans look bad."
     The main gist of Avatar is that the "humans" want the Na'vi to be moved from their home because of a major deposit of a very valuable mineral beneath the ground they live on. The "humans" are willing to negotiate as long as they get their way. The Na'vi are going to move one way or another, either willingly or forcibly.
     Whenever I hear someone disapprove of Avatar because it makes humans look bad, I want to take them on a trip back into our history. Let's just take a look at American history for a moment. The Native Americans were here first correct? The settlers that came from England pushed right on it and claimed the land for themselves believing that the Indians were less intelligent than they were. Fast forward to the Trail of Tears where the Cherokee nation was forcibly removed from the east in the dead of winter. Think about the enslaving of Africans because of their color. Or even today how millions of unborn babies are killed just because they are thought to be a hindrance.We fight against each other and put each other down. Let's just say that the human race has not had the best reputation over the years.
     As for Christian's, I understand how, by the grace of God, we can rise above the curse of sin. But we still fall at times. Humans are evil without God's Grace. The bottom line is that when a movie portrays humans as bad, it's just showing humans in their true nature.
     Some people of course, can see this evil more easily and fight against it, like the abolitionists that stood up for the slaves rights. Jake Sully started out as going along with the evil plan to remove the Na'vi but once he realized it was wrong he worked hard to reverse the damage.
     I guess what I'm trying to say is that just because the movie makes humans look bad, that is not a reason to not like the movie and it doesn't make it a terrible movie. I think the problem is that Avatar painfully reveals that we as humans are not as wonderful as we think we are.


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