Monday, March 18, 2013

- Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble -

      Description: Libby has just learned that the father who she thought had been dead for years has left her a substantial amount of land including an old inn on the Outer Banks. With this also comes the shocking news that she has a brother and sister whom she has never met. To top it off, she watches helplessly on a beach cam as her friend and co-worker Nicole is drugged and abducted.
      The story follows Libby as she learns how to heal and mend the relationship between her and her long lost siblings, discovers family secrets, and protects her inheritance from greedy investors. As a relationship begins to develop between Libby and Alec, a Coast Guard lieutenant, she is accused of being a part of Nicole's kidnapping and Libby dedicates herself to finding her friend.

     My Thoughts: Tidewater Inn was a intriguing read for me. I liked Libby's character and how she had an eye for bringing old building back to life and a passion for preserving historical structures. It was most interesting to watch as the secrets of Libby's family's past unfolded with surprising twists and turns.
     I did find a couple of aspects of the story a little frustrating though. I found myself questioning the characters as they had picnics and fun but Nicole was still missing. I suppose the authorities were looking into the case but the search just did not seem to be taken seriously for a portion of the story. Another point was that it seemed silly to me that the authorities suspected Libby of being involved with Nicole's kidnapping. I suppose it might of looked suspicious that Libby didn't admit to hacking into the beach cam when she was first interviewed by the police, but still, for some reason it seemed a little off to me.
     Overall, Tidewater Inn is a enjoyable and at times suspenseful read infused with family relationships, faith, and a touch of romance on the side.

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