Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Photo Fiction: Happiness

{ Photo Fiction: a short story or flash fiction piece inspired by one photograph }


     He's sitting at our kitchen table bent over bills and invoices while I'm cleaning up after our dinner.
     "Money is going to be tight this month." He says as I put away the peanut butter and jelly. 
I turn to look at him, "We'll be okay."
     "I just wish I could make you happy." he sighs, shuffling the papers into haphazard piles. 
I watch him for a minute not knowing how to respond.
Just then a song begins to play on the radio and I turn it up slightly. 
Walking over I reach out and grab his hand.
     "What are you doing?" I pull him up out of the chair and towards me.
     "Dance with me." I answer softly. He smiles as I place his hand on my waist.
     "This isn't really a slow dancing song, you know." he says. 
"You said you wanted me to be happy," I whisper in his ear, "and dancing with you makes me very happy."

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