Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Dizzying Orbit

So much is happening all at once. With three tests this week, and two papers and project due the next, I've been a little stressed out lately. Thankfully, two of the tests are done now, as well as the project, so my to-do list is getting shorter.

But I'm still finding it difficult to pace myself. I'm trying to do well with my school assignments, however, I'm trying not to lose the time when I want to read, or write, or even just to have family time which will be changing a little in two weeks.

My family met our future puppy a week ago. She's a little black lab, but from the looks of her parents she won't stay little for long. It's kind of funny because I'll be at school most of the time, so Mom and my sister will have to do most of the training, and then I can come home and just play around with her. It'll be great having a dog again.

So anyway, it's more difficult this semester to divide my time the way that I would like. I would love to do some writing, but I'm having a hard enough time trying to write an analytical paper about The Epic of Gilgamesh.......

In a week or so, my schedule will slow back down, and maybe then I'll be able to get some creative projects underway, but right now it feels likes I'm walking around with schoolbooks orbiting my head.

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